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The Civilization of India is one of the longest in the recorded history of the world. The sacred lore and mythology is still part of its living culture.

Religious, mythological, linguistic and other elements of Indian culture were absorbed rather than imposed by conquest and colonization, and thus became especially persuasive. Various local populations adapted and molded Indian influences to their own ways, gradually evolving cultures that were distinct yet with common roots.

Most cultures of Southeast Asia are rooted in Indian influences which filtered through the region from around the second century AD onwards and are referred to as "Greater India" acknowledging India's contribution.

India's interaction with Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Chinese is also well known. There is a need to research the history of Indian influence in the world.

Today, Indians in various fields are continuing the tradition by directing the development of scores of prestigious projects all over the world.

This site displays foreign stamps, postal stationery, postal markings, and other philatelic items on Indian subjects.

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